Aneri Patel

My Fashion Vision

A lot of times I feel lucky to follow my childhood dream, but there are not always flowery beds in this career. But if you choose your path wisely with the correct guidance you will succeed with your goals of fame and success with flying colours. Mentoring by Aneri, is the only place you will get the actual picture of how the industry works and where we stand in it.

What exactly do I do?

Fashion design was my career choice since I gave an aptitude test when I was 14 years old which I subconsciously manifested and got into the best university and got my dream job via placements. During all this, I have learned a lot but struggled with the complexities of how a fashion designer is dependent on a team made up of different departments. This is what I want to teach you! I’m here to showcase my knowledge and expertise to help you on your fashion journey. People always ask what is my ‘secret’ for making a successful career choice at different phases of life, so I put it ALL into my program. But first, let me share the reason

This place will open your doors to fast track your fashion career and business.


The reason I started this program

The love and satisfaction I have for my career is inexpressible, but all this was not easy as I had very few advisors and mentors on this journey who rightly guided me in work phases. This gave me an idea of taking the opportunity to solve all your queries and create short courses which help aspiring designers make wise decisions and not waste their valuable time experimenting with stuff that is not their interest/ forte. Fortunately, fashion has a lot of different career/ business choices a lot of people don’t know about. Sign up to know more about these.

My Journey

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